Automatic tooth-gap control paves the way for robotization

Harvester chains or tooth gaps

Harvester chains and tooth gaps are almost synonymous. One extra link with a 1.5-distance multiple somewhere in the chain creates an extra work step for those sharpening machines that can’t automatically handle this. As the sharpener, you are then left needing to find the tooth gap and start the sharpening all over again. This step can seem like a simple solution for any well-trained eye, but if you estimate that it takes 10 seconds to locate the tooth gap on every chain, the sharpener can pretty quickly calculate that a lot of time gets wasted in the end.

ANAB has long worked with a technical solution for automatic tooth-gap control on all its models. The machines independently adjust the stroke length, which is 1.5 times the normal distance, of the driver. The pitch measurement is different on different chains, for example a 3/4” chain compared to a .404 chain. ANABs models currently handle the tooth gap on .404 chains, the next generation machines will come with a system that handles both 3/4" and .404”, and a driver unit that will handle the tooth gap for all types of chains is currently in development.

The development behind the technique

The technique that ANAB currently works with for handling teeth gaps is in itself a relatively simple construction. Rather than advanced gadgets, ANAB focuses on ensuring that the assembled system is robust and bullet-proof enough to withstand the wet and dirty working environments that it will be functioning in for many years. ANABs machines are supplied to customers all over the world, which is a good incentive for making sure that every component works without service issues, rather than making them overly advanced.

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