Water cooling - a matter of sustainability for both the chain and employees

The cooling rate — a critical factor

The cooling rate is a critical factor in the deformation processes of all materials. Heating enables deformation but it also hardens the material, which changes its structure and reduces its durability. Many different methods are used in the trade to counter heating, such as using air-cooling systems that blow cooled air on to the chain.

ANAB's encased water-cooling system

ANAB works with an encased water-cooling system on both the ANAB X3 Professional and ANAB X5 Special that keeps the chain nicely cooled during the entire sharpening process, thus retaining the sharpness of the chain for up to 50% longer working time. Over and above improved durability out in the field, water cooling also enables a fast sharpening speed which increases productivity

Dry sharpening

During dry sharpening, steel dust gets dispersed into the air, making the workplace dirty. Ceramic sharpening emits dust and toxic bonding agents that require staff to wear a breathing mask. Sharpening using water, on the other hand, binds the waste products before they end up in the air, which is a great advantage for those who work with sharpening on a daily basis.

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