ANAB X3 Professional

ANAB X3 Professional is a fully automatic sharpening machine and the right choice for high-performing sharpeners, forest workers or re-sellers of products that require the highest level of sharpening. It has an integrated water-cooling system that is lit by a LED light, and enables the best wet-sharpening results and a longer chain lifetime for chainsaw and harvester chains. The water-cooling system cools the chain well throughout the entire sharpening process, which means the chain retains its sharpness for up to 50% longer when used for sawing, and in addition to extended working time the water-cooling system enables a fast sharpening speed which increases productivity.

The machine automatically senses whether teeth are positioned left or right, cutting teeth and depth gauge are sharpened simultaneously, and in fact, the sharpening process is not even interrupted in the event of irregular teeth frequency, thanks to our patented automatic tooth-gap control system.

ANAB X3 Professional is constructed and calibrated for use with CBN grinding wheels. These wheels are made of cubic boron nitride, the world’s second-hardest material that nevertheless has exceptional thermal conductivity. This makes them the preferred choice for all our machines.

Unique properties

  • Flexible machine that uses water-cooled sharpening for chains from 1/4” to .404”.
  • Handles small chains such as 1/4” Picco Micro.
  • Creates a cleaner work environment as it binds dust and toxic bonding agents.
  • Automatic tooth-gap control system. 
  • Constructed to use CBN wheels for sharpening so that customers don’t have to deal with dressing their wheels. 

Technical specifications

  • Drive system: Electrical/Pneumatic
  • Electromotor: 0.55 kW
  • Control system: PLC based, fully automatic or manual step-by-step adjustment. Sensor for cutting teeth always sharpens in the correct direction.
  • Types of chain: Standard chains
  • Drive link thickness: Continuous adjustment.*
  • Grinding wheels: Special profile
  • Sharpening angle: 32°
  • Rake angle: 28°

Film available soon

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